Trempealeau County
Human Services

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Whitehall WI, 54773-0067
( 715) 538-2311 Ext. 290
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Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Family and Children's Services

 Our Mission

Our mission is to keep families, children and communities safe while protecting the dignity and self-determination of those we serve.

Services and Programs

Alternate Care - Children and juveniles may be placed in an alternate care setting if it is determined that it is unsafe for the child or juvenile to remain at home, or that the community's safety is best protected by the juvenile being in alternate care and it is in the best interest of the juvenile.

Child Protection Services - Child abuse and neglect assessments are completed to evaluate a child's safety in the home and determine the best way to prevent and resolve risk to the child. 

Please see the Trempealeau County Resource Guide for a list of resources serving children of families.

Child Welfare Services - Services are provided for uncontrollable juveniles, truancy, parenting assistance, juvenile mental health issues, and step-parent adoptions.

Foster Care Licensing - Trempealeau County Department of Human Services recruits, licenses and trains potential foster homes.                        

Family to Family Foster Parent Program

Independent Living program (ILP) - ILP helps youth or young adults ages 16-21, who receive or have received alternate care services, to develop skills necessary to transition to adulthood.

Juvenile Justice/Youth Services - Youth are referred who have committed criminal and/or status offenses.  A social worker meets with the juvenile and family on behalf of the court to determine whether the facts establish jurisdiction and to determine the best interest of the juvenile and the public.