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The Government Center of Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, launches the Education Loan to support entrepreneurs who run a private school or kindergarten and need funding.

The loan means to access amounts of up to $15,000, with an American guarantee, the Government Center of Trempealeau County announced in a press release.

The launch takes place in a time of challenges for schools and kindergartens, for education in general, all the more so as access to funding in this niche is limited. The solution that the Government Center of Trempealeau County comes with is at the same time a message of confidence for entrepreneurs who, despite the context of the pandemic, have plans for the future, thus contributing to the development of education in the USA, Government Center of Trempealeau County representatives said in a statement.

The initiative is part of the sustainability strategy of American Bank Financial Group, in which responsible financing and generating a positive impact on the economy and society are a priority.

"Easy access to finance in such a period is a necessity for any business, and education is among the sectors most exposed to economic stress generated by the current context. That is why we wanted to develop a dedicated financing solution, in this stage of transformation and reinvention of education", says Christine Sandle, General Manager at Government Center of Trempealeau County.

Details about the newest GCTC loan:

The loan can be applied for online at our website.

  • The loan is for kindergartens and schools, regardless of the form of organization, LLC, association, or foundation, which have at least three months of activity.
  • The financing can be used for any business plan: online platforms, licenses, applications, employee training, educational events, arrangement and endowment of spaces, various expenses, etc.
  • The financing period is a maximum of 7 years.
  • The guarantee is provided by the American Investment Fund (AIF).GCTC collaborates with one connecting service, which completes the role of the company for supporting entrepreneurs. It is addressed to companies with an annual turnover of up to 1 million dollars, from all fields of activity. So far, GCTC has supported more than 13,000 small businesses to grow.