Realty Related UCCs

To record an Original realty related Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) document in the real estate section of the Register of Deeds office you need:

  • Two National UCC forms –
    • (1) UCC Financing Statement, which is form UCC1
      • On this form be sure to check item #6
      • Note the asterisk in #1d indicating that social security numbers are not required in Wisconsin. Remember these documents are public records for everyone to see.
    • (2) UCC Financing Statement Addendum, which is form UCC1Ad.
      • This page is attached as a second page to the UCC1. The Addendum, item #11 can be used to add an additional debtor, or #12 for a complete legal description of the affected real estate in #14. If you need more space for the legal description, place the words, “#14 continued on the next page”.

To record a realty related UCC termination, continuation, assignment or amendment you need:

  • Two National UCC forms –
    • (1) UCC Financing Statement Amendment, which is the UCC3
      • On this form Item # 1b must be checked (If this is not checked the document cannot be recorded)
      • In item #8 check the appropriate box. If more room is needed for the legal description, continue in item #13 of the Amendment Addendum
    • (2) UCC Financing Statement Amendment Addendum, which is form UCC3Ad.
      • The debtor name and address must appear in item #13. (A common mistake is entering this information in item 8)
      • Please be sure to fill out #11 & 12 also.

All the National UCC Forms are available on the DFI website.

For recording and indexing purposes, you must give debtor’s name, the secured party’s name, and the complete legal description.

All other UCCs filed with the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) may be searched on DFI’s website – select “Uniform Commercial Code” and then “UCC Search”


“Since, Realty related UCCs are now recorded in this office the regular recording fees in 59.43(2)(e) apply – $30.00 per document. This includes terminations. DFI’s Emergency Rule, Page 6 (2)(f) states as follows: “The fee set in s 59.43(2)(ag), Stats, shall be paid to a register of deeds for an initial financing statement and amendment that indicates it is to be filed [or recorded] in the real estate records in that office.” The termination falls under “amendment;” therefore, the fee is $30.00.”