Submitted By Ref. No.
Environment & Land Use Committee A - 1 2017-01-01 Ord. Amend Chapter 21 Code of Ord. to Add Deposit Amount for Violations
Environment and Land Use Committee B - 1 2017-02-01 Ord. Rezone Excl.Ag.2(EA2) to Commercial (C) Borntrager –Tn. Pigeon
Executive & Finance/Agriculture Extension Education & Communication Committees C - 1 2017-02-02 Budget Amend-Carryover 2016 Water Testing and Research Funds
Executive & Finance/Law Enforcement Committees D - 1 2017-02-03 2016 Sheriff’s Office Budget Carryover for Software Training Funds
Board of Health E - 1 2017-02-04 Secure State Funding to Support Communicable Disease Control
Highway Committee F - 1 2017-02-05 Addition of Rat Road to County Aid Highway System
Parks, Tourism and Economic Development Committee G - 1 2017-02-06 Adopt Outdoor Recreation Plan
Law Enforcement Committee H - 1 2017-02-07 Ord. Create Section 9.11 Trempealeau County Code of Ordinances to Requite Courthouse Screening and Amend Section21.09 of Code to Add Deposit Amount for Such Violation
Law Enforcement Committee H - 2 2017-02-08 Ord. Amend Section 9.01 of Code of Ordinances to Prohibit the Sale of Tobacco to Minors and Amend Section 21.09 of the County Code to Add Deposit Amount for Such Violation
Executive & Finance/Property Committees I - 1 2017-02-09 Approve Move of Dispatch to ADRC Area and Approve Putting the Project out to Bid and Budget Amendment to Transfer $80,000 from General Fund
Audit Committee J - 1 2017-02-10 Members Claims