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Justice Sanctions

Trempealeau County Department of Human Services in collaboration with Circuit Court , the District Attorney's Office and the Sheriff's Department offer to offenders two alternatives to incarceration programs.

Diversion Agreement Program

The This program permits eligible participants to have his or her case removed from the formal criminal court process following a guilty or no contest plea. Entry of a Judgment of Conviction in a case is delayed pending completion of a Diversion Agreement .

Recovery Court

Recovery Courts are built upon a unique partnership between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community, one which structures treatment around the authority and personal involvement of a Recover Court Judge. Treatment Court Referral and additional information can be obtained by contacting the Justice Coordinator.

Community Work Service Program

Community work service provides offenders with anopportunity to take personal responsibility for their actions by actively working to repair the harm they caused to thecommunity, the victim and themselves.

What is Community Work Service?
Community work service provides offenders with the opportunity to take personal responsibility for their actions by working actively to repair the harm to their community.

Community work service can be an alternative to a lengthier jail sentence or a way to pay off outstanding fines and forfeitures.

Community work service is done for non-profit organizations, clubs, churches and governmental agencies in the county.

How does the Community Work Service Program Work?
Offenders are referred to the program by the Circuit Court, Diversion Program, Department of Human Services, Clerk of Court, Recovery Court, Teen Court, Intoxicated Intervention Program and Probation and Parole.

Offenders meet with Justice Assistance. A contract is signed stating where the community work service hours are to be completed, who to contact, and when the hours need to be completed.

It is the offender's responsibility to contact the site and set up hours. Justice Assistance will contact the sites to ensure the assigned hours are properly completed.
When the offender has successfully completed the program the case file is closed and the referring party notified.

If the offender does not comply with the program, the referring source is notified and additional sanctions, including possible jail time, may be imposed.

What Kind of Work is Done in the Program?
Community work service sites are located throughout Trempealeau County.

Some examples of the work that has been completed include: highway cleanup, painting, repairing, sorting recyclables, clearing brush, raking, shoveling snow, planting, helping with community festivals and special events, filing, typing, making products such as picnic tables, brochure racks, sewing blankets and pillows, grooming snowmobile trails, setting up of parades and floats and many other types of work.

Some examples of work sites include: schools, nursing homes, cities, villages, parks, churches, libraries, county agencies, municipalities and any non-profit civic group.

The job skills and abilities of offenders are considered in determining the type of community work service assigned.

Community Work Service Sign-Up form
Community Work Service Program Participant Time Sheet

Any organization or agency interested in becoming a community work service site, or for more information, please contact:
Trempealeau County Government Center
Justice Assistance Coordinator
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