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Search Instructions

  1. Select how you would like to view the information by checking one of the three check boxes at the top of the form. Property Description, Property Tax & Assessment, or All Information.
  2. Enter the information you wish to use for your search in any of the fields listed.  It is required that you enter data into at least one field.
  3. Then click the "Search" Button. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer pressing the "Enter" key will also start your search. The "Reset" button will clear all the fields in the form.
  4. The search results page is loaded. At the top and bottom of the results page there are links that can be used to page through the search results. When you have found a record that you would like to view just click on the Owner’s Name. Depending on which check box was selected in step 1, the Property Description, Property Tax & Assessment, or All Information for the parcel will be displayed.
  5. To view other information, click on the links at the top or  bottom of the page.
  6. You may view information from another tax year by selecting the year from the dropdown menu at the top of the Property Description,  Property Tax & Assessment or the All Information.
  7. You may view the Property Tax payment history by clicking on the Property Tax Summary links at the top and bottom of the pages or by selecting Property Tax Summary from the dropdown menu.


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Property Tax Summary


Interest Calculation


Taxes for the year 2000 in the amount of  $1000 where due in January 2001.
February 01, 2001 the interest would be: ( 1000 * .01)* equaling $10.00 in interest. New tax balance: $1010.00
March 01, 2001 the total interest owed would be: (1000 * .01) * 2equaling $20.00.    New tax balance: $1020.00
February 01, 2002 the total interest owed would be: ( 1000 * .01) * 12  equaling $120.00.    New tax balance: $1120.00


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