How to use the Trempealeau County Property Tax & Assessment Website

  1. The data listed on this website is from 1997 to the present. Please contact the Trempealeau County Treasurer's Office for information on property taxes owed prior to 1997
  2. Use the form to the left of the screen to enter in search criteria. You may enter information into any of the fields under the three tabs Legal, Owner and Location. The search will use the data you entered in all three sections of the form. Example: If you were to select the Town of Albion from the municipality list on the Legal form and type in the last name of Smith on the Owner's form the search would use both the last name and municipality to  complete your search. If you continue to find no results for your search make sure that there are no unwanted entries in the form by clicking the CLEAR button and enter the information again.
  3. Click the Search button at the bottom of the form or press the Enter Key to start the search.
  4. The Search Form will be replaced by a list of property records that match your search criteria.
    a. At the top of the list, the number of matching records found is shown.
    b. Next the number of pages of information is listed as
    << Page of 3 >>.
    Use the arrows "<< >>" to move to the next or previous page.
        To go to another page select the page number from the Page dropdown list .
    c. The list will contain the Parcel number, Tax Year, Owner's Name and Mailing Address.
    d. Click on the Parcel number (002-10000-0000) to view the details of that record in the main window.
  5. The form is currently set up to show only the first 5 records in the list. You can change the number of records listed by changing the Results Per Page dropdown menu at the top of the form. Note that the results may take a minute or more to show if you select the  "ALL" option.

Contact Information
Click the Contact Us link at the upper left of the screen for Contact Information
Internet Browsers

This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer  version 5.0 or later or Netscape version 6.0 or later with screen resolutions of at least 800 x 600
Program Notes

At this time not all of the features from the previous program are available. Items such as the Prior Delinquent Taxes Flag will be added in the future.

If you are having problems click the following link to get help. The help file is in Adobe Acrobat format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If the help file does not open click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Changes in displaying records.
A. In the past, records for Real Estate and Personal Property were listed together on
     the Owner's Current Tax Year Totals page. Now they will be listed separately 
     on the page.

B.  No tax amounts or tax payments will be listed for Personal Property on any page.
     The reason for this is that Personal Property payments are tracked by the municipalities
     not by the county. So the tax information for personal property at the county level
     would not be correct. The owner, location and assessment information is still available
     on this website.

C.  If you open a Personal Property record a red warning message 
     will appear on the screen telling you to contact the local municipality treasurer for the 
     current tax information. 

The Property Tax records are updated periodically. The information shown on each page is current as of the date listed at the bottom of the page. Payments made to a Municipality's Treasurer will not immediately appear on this web site until all records for that municipality have been listed with the County Treasurer's Office. 

The information listed on the Trempealeau County Tax & Assessment Search web site is for informational purposes only and cannot be used as legal documents. Any information obtained from the offices of the Trempealeau County Treasurer and/or the Trempealeau County Real Property Lister always take precedence over any information listed on this web site.