Pharmacies and Prescription Drug Programs


Pharmacy Services

Blair Pharmacy
Blair, Pigeon Falls and Whitehall (delivery and mail out)

Blair 608-989-2919

Colby Pharmacy
(in-town delivery and mail out)

Whitehall 715-538-4947

Galesville Pharmacy
Ettrick, Galesville, Trempealeau (delivery and mail out)

Galesville 608-582-2446

Mayo Clinic Health System Pharmacy and Home Medical
(mail out only)

Osseo 715-597-3166

Shopko Pharmacy
(mail out only)

Arcadia 608-323-8134

Strum Pharmacy
(mail out only)

Strum 715-695-3417

Prescription Drug Programs

Benefits Checkup 1-800-366-2990 Ext. 351 or
Disability Benefit Specialist (Ages 18-59) 1-800-273-2001 or 715-538-2001
Elderly Benefit Specialist (Ages 60+) 1-877-538-2311 ext. 249 or 715-538-2311 ext. 249

Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups Prescription Hotline


Discount Medication Cards Application for Medications - 1-866-699-8239
Care Connect USA - 1-800-291-1206
Discount for Medications - 1-866-561-1926
E-Son Patient Care - 1-866-662-1351
Free Drug Card - 1-866-410-4225
Outreach RX - 1-800-763-3880
PS Card - 1-844-516-2535
TruRx Saving - 1-800-866-1412

Medicare Part D

A prescription drug program that provides additional coverage to your current Medicare Plan

Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

Prescription drugs area a major expense for many health care consumers and some insurance programs provide no or limited coverage for these drugs.  The website listed will provide some places to turn for help and information. 

Wisconsin Drug Card Program

Discount prescriptions with no restrictions or eligibility criteria.    

Wisconsin SeniorCare

A prescription drug program for Wisconsin residents who are 65 years of age or older.  There is an annual enrollment fee and minimal co-pay for each prescription.  A senior’s projected annual income will determine whether certain out-of-pocket expenses will also be required.