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Laurie Halama - Treasurer

Laurie began her 1st term as Trempealeau County Treasurer on January 3, 2005.

  She is a native of Trempealeau County. 

 Prior to being elected County Treasurer she served 12 years as Deputy Register of Deeds. 


Trempealeau County is divided into 26 municipalities.  Our office processes tax bills and collects taxes on over 30,000 tax parcels.


The local Municipal Treasurers send out the tax bills in mid December.  Only the local treasurers can accept payments for the first    installment or any amount paid for the current tax year by January 31st.  Personal property bills are paid to the Municipal Treasurer year round.


Second installment taxes must be paid to the County Treasurer by July 31st.  All payments for delinquent taxes are collected by the County Treasurer.


        Interest charged on delinquencies is 1% per month, beginning February 1st.

        We accept a postmark as proof of timely payment.

        Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you of the obligation to pay the tax bill and applicable late fees.

        If the 1st installment is not paid by January 31st, the entire balance of the tax bill is considered delinquent and is immediately due.


If you are considering purchasing a property, it is always wise to check to make sure the taxes on the property are current.  Once you purchase a property, any delinquent property taxes become your responsibility.  If you are purchasing title insurance or having an abstract updated, the title company will check this for you.


The County Treasurerís Office is also responsible for receiving and depositing funds from all county departments, investing county funds, processing accounts payable and payroll checks, and administering the lottery credit program.  


DO NOT use this link to make payments between December and January on your current tax bill. 
Those payments need to be made to your municipal treasurer, so please check with their office regarding whether they accept on-line payments.



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