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Register of Deeds ASSOCIATION


The Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA) members consists of all 72 county Wisconsin Register of Deeds.  The Wisconsin Register of Deeds are elected in partison elections in the fall of even years.  Each Register of Deeds serves a two-year term and must be re-elected to continue to serve.  Mid-term vacancies may be filled through appointment by the Governor.

Most Register of Deeds have background in real estate, office management and computer skills.  Many registers served as chief deputy Register of Deeds before running for office.  Most registers have advanced training, education and degrees beyond a high school diploma.

The WRDA is a very active professional association committed to the education and professional advancement of its members.  Throughout three annual seminars, and district meetings held in eight state agency representatives, receive educational presentations on new trends and topics, and participate in discussions for the purpose of promoting fairness and uniformity of policies and procedures in Register of Deeds offices across the state.

Wisconsin State Statutes such as in Chapters 59,43,69,409,236,703,706,840,867 and others governing the proper functions, duties and services of the office.

The WRDA website www.wrdaonline.org   contains more information about the organization and specific duties of office holders.  There is also a listing of the names of all 72 registers, addresses, telephone and fax numbers.


Trempealeau County Courthouse
Room 106
P. O. Box 67
Whitehall, WI  54773

Tel:(715) 538-2311 Ext. 244
Toll Free 877 538-2311


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